Our Business dummy

Business model

Through our global network involving pharmaceutical companies and other entities, we understand the requirements of physicians and patients, such as the QOL needs, and develop drug formulations by combining our proprietary technologies. While developing medical products by ourselves until proof-of-concept (superiority of medical products) is demonstrated, we aim to form partnerships with pharmaceutical companies (development and sales partners). To help pharmaceutical companies develop new medical products, we also offer business solutions to develop optimal transdermal formulations.
If you have the following needs, please contact us.
  • Improvement of original transdermal formulations
    To reduce skin irritation
    To weaken or strengthen the adhesiveness
  • Development of new transdermal formulations
    To improve drug permeability
    To adjust duration of drug administration

R&D Plan

We prepare prototypes and establish proof-of-concept in small animals. We cooperate with our clients in clinical development and GMP manufacturing.